A Philosophy of Greater Good

At Rize we believe that with every project, we are contributing to the greater good of the community.

As a company, we’ve gone beyond individual projects to create RizeFoundation, a philanthropic organization, which extends our philosophy to the greater community.

Built With Heart

What does it mean to create a home with heart in a new place? This award is for the person best able to tell that story.

Covenant House

A current RizeFoundation initiative, Rize is working with construction partners to raise funds to donate to Covenant House, which provides shelter and support to homeless and street-involved youth.

The Rize Prize

We celebrate engagement. With every new development, we invite neighbours to share inspiring stories on a theme relating to both the project and the community.

St James House

In partnership with the Yale Hotel and The Georgia Straight, we raised funds for the homeless in Vancouver’s downtown east side.

BC Children’s Hospital

We’re proud to join other BC organizations in supporting Building for Kids.


WaterAid Canada’s Clean Water for Schools in Uganda Project (2014-2015) aims to bring clean water, safe sanitation, and hygiene education to 7,000 primary school children in Uganda. Rize donated $30,000 to this important project.

Students Peru Challenge

We’ve provided funds for Saint George’s Grade 10 students to purchase materials and build new school houses for children in Pumamarca, Peru.

BC Women’s Foundation

RizeFoundation is currently working with construction partners to raise funds for the BC Women’s Foundation to support BC Women’s Hospital’s urgent and future priority needs.