At Rize we are absolutely enthusiastic about Mount Pleasant’s unique neighbourhood and vibrant community and we’re very excited for The Independent and the new homeowners to become a part of this welcoming community.

Throughout the year Mount Pleasant hosts many festivals that engage the community. Recently, Mount Pleasant BIA hosted their 6th Annual Autumn Shift Festival where thousands of people came out to take part in the one-day shift of the seasons celebration. Our local project, The Independent, sponsored the Beaumont Studio main stage, which had awesome music coming from it.

The Autumn Shift Festival celebrates the amazing businesses and people that make this neighbourhood unique. For the festival a large section of the streets and laneways of Mount Pleasant were closed off and dedicated to bring live entertainment, shopping, food and fun to the festival goers.

At Rize we are proud to be a part of this community and sponsor the Autumn Shift Festival for a second year in a row. We are looking forward to seeing this lively community and neighbourhood continue to grow!


Autumn Shift 2015-162

Autumn Shift 2015-225