When attempting to describe our approach to development, our founder and CEO, Will Lin, has often used the statement, “The Art of Development”. This statement recognizes that development is not merely a numbers game, but requires a significant investment in the qualitative side of things to achieve something both meaningful and impactful.

Recently, we wanted to produce an updated portfolio, celebrating some of our highlight communities developed over the last 25 years. Rather than taking the traditional photography or rendering route, we wanted someone to truly explore this “Art of Development”.

With that in mind, we contacted local illustrator Tom Froese to ask if he might be willing to take on this rather unique project. Tom was skeptical of the idea at first discussion, but Steven Cox, our Head of Creative, assured him that we were not looking for replication but for inspiration. We wanted Tom to show us what our unique projects looked like through his eyes.

What was produced went far beyond our expectations and does an incredible job of showcasing each of our communities as their own unique work of art. Have a look below at work from this incredibly gifted illustrator, Tom Froese.

Centro, Richmond

Centro, Richmond | 2008

Metropolis, Vancouver

Metropolis, Vancouver | 1998

The Rolston, Vancouver

The Rolston, Vancouver | 2013

Wave, Surrey

Wave, Surrey | 2015

The Independent, Vancouver

The Independent, Vancouver
Under Construction

Gold House, Burnaby

Gold House, Metrotown Burnaby
Under Construction

Containers on Terminal, Vancouver

Containers on Terminal Ave, Vancouver

Cossette, Vancouver

Cossette, Vancouver | 2003


OnQue, Vancouver | 2011

The Onyx

The Onyx, Vancouver
Construction starting in early 2019

To us, your home or office is much more than just a building – it’s where you connect with friends, neighbours, and loved ones. It’s where you find belonging, and live out your dreams. The result is a one-of-a-kind portfolio that illustrates Rize’s commitment to developing buildings that become meaningful parts of people’s lives.

Tom Froese

Tom Froese – Illustrator

Tom Froese is a commercial artist. His work aims to create artwork that is original, beautiful, and alive. Tom, we are truly honoured to have this quality of work hang in both our office and our presentation centres. Thank you for all your hard work!