AyalaLand hand-picked Vancouver as it’s a leading city in diversity and sustainability and we are proud that AyalaLand selected us as their first Vancouver partner. We partnered with AyalaLand to develop The Independent and together we are working to build a landmark for the Mount Pleasant and Vancouver communities and our homeowners. AyalaLand partnered with Rize as our teams share similar values and passions for quality, design and community, just to name a few.

AyalaLand is the largest property developer in the Philippines with a broad product portfolio and are have been led by the same family since 1834. They operate internationally, but always take a local and personal approach to building homes and communities and their Independent project team lives and works here in Vancouver. Strong roots in business and the community are very important to them, as every neighbourhood they invest in is unique.

We interviewed Vince Tan, a current member of the Board of Directors and Assistant Vice President Josue Ferrer about their experience with their first Vancouver partnership. Josue has been with the company for 20 years with a focus in development, planning and acquisitions.

Vincent was a long-time Executive Vice President with AyalaLand, plus a member of the management and investment committees. He has worked with AyalaLand for over 30 years and his breadth of experience in the real estate industry includes planning, strategy, finance and development.


Josue Ferrer, left and Vince Tan, right.

Q: Why did you select Rize Alliance as your partner for your first Vancouver project?

A: Just like Rize, it’s in AyalaLand’s DNA to enter an up and coming neighbourhood and introduce a project to enhance the community. Rize and AyalaLand both value innovation, creativity and optimism which are all assets to introduce unique projects (as opposed to “cookie cutters”) that will add to the architecture and vibrancy of the neighbourhood. We both demand quality and craftsmanship in the products we produce.

Q: With The Independent being your first Vancouver project, what have you learned about the Vancouver market?

A: The Vancouver market is sophisticated. The buyers know what information to ask for and they want to hear the details in the answer. If you listen to the market and deliver what it wants, the sales will follow.

Q: Can you share anything memorable from your experience with the partnership and the launch of The Independent?

A: The working relationship with Rize and the rest of the team (i.e. the consultants) was very tight. Despite two delays in the launch, we kept it together and did not get discouraged. We were surprised that the sales team got heavily involved in the layouts of the homes. But this made sense because they are at the point of contact with the buyers and they know what has been selling.

We remember the lines of people who wanted to see the presentation centre during the public preview. We are very happy that the sales take-up was fast and look forward to selling it out. The successful preview, launch and sales of The Independent are proof that the project has widespread approval in the community.

Q: The Independent is going to be a landmark building in Mount Pleasant. What are your thoughts on The Independent and what do you think it will bring to the community?

A: The Independent will add to the vibrancy of the Mount Pleasant community. We planned the project meticulously so that it can be a place for people in the community to connect.

We are glad to hear from Rennie that the AyalaLand brand had a strong pull particularly in the Filipino-Canadian community as shown by the strong sales in this segment of the market.

Q: Now that The Independent has had a successful launch and sales went very well what are you looking forward to the most?

A: We look forward to the closing of the sales and the delivery of what we promised to our buyers in the second half of 2017. The AyalaLand brand in synonymous to quality and that’s what the Rize-AyalaLand partnership will deliver in The Independent. We are also looking forward to the commercial area being leased by tenants that will add to the uniqueness of The Independent and the neighbourhood.

About AyalaLand

AyalaLand is the largest property developer in the Philippines being a $10 billion company with a broad product portfolio and widely owned by 10,000 stockholders big and small, but are still led by the same original family since 1834. They operate internationally but always take a local and personal approach to building homes and communities. Strong roots in business and the community are very important to them, as every neighbourhood they invest in is unique. AyalaLand’s work is about trust, legacy and lasting value, proven by the multiple generations of families returning decade after decade to purchase from them.

For more information visit:

AyalaLand: ayalaland.com.ph.

The Independent: independentatmain.com