Rize Is Excited To Announce The Completion of Wave in Surrey Central

We are so excited to announce the completion of Wave, making it the first newly completed condominium development in Surrey Central. Our team started the construction of Wave two years ago after a successful start to pre-construction sales and now we are handing over keys to happy home owners who are moving in and making […]

Buzz is building for the Rolston, set to be completed in November

There’s an old lyric by American outlaw country legend David Allan Coe: “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”

While a solid foundation is a necessary part of any soundly-engineered building, the Rize team can’t help but disagree with the first half of that quote when we look at any of our projects, especially now whenever we glance up at our soon-to-be-finished Rolston building located at Granville and Drake.

When we first started our plans for the Rolston, we strove for a design that would become more than just a typical Vancouver building. We envisioned a modern living centre that embraces urban rejuvenation, striking a level of harmony between the bustling energy of downtown and the serene sea views of False Creek.

What could you build with eight million milk cartons?

Construction geek fact: concrete, as a mix of solids and water, is not a liquid itself and so it is placed not poured. And, the Rize construction team places a LOT of concrete!

As we at Rize welcome 2013, our team is excited to report smooth sailing on all fronts and the reaching of some significant milestones.

At the Rolston in downtown Vancouver, we recently placed the roof level concrete, topping out the building structure 65m above energetic Granville Street. The interior home finishes have been underway as well and we are on target for completion this summer. The Rolston will add around 350 new Granville Street residents (with 187 homes) and six new businesses to the neighbourhood. Throughout the last two years of construction, the Rize quality control team has been very busy ensuring that every aspect of the Rolston meets our quality standards.

High growth potential positions Surrey as Metro Vancouver’s hottest real estate city

If you’ve been thinking about buying your next home in Surrey, now might be the time. Surrey is hot— and if recent headlines are any indication, the city’s streak will continue for years to come.

Recently the City of Surrey was named by Business Review Canada as one of the country’s top cities for real estate investment. Among other positives, the well-read publication noted Surrey’s proximity to the U.S. border and the city’s growing population (currently on pace to surpass Vancouver in the next 10 years) as primary reasons why buying real estate here is a good investment. Business Review Canada also noted Surrey’s cultural diversity and beautiful landscapes.