Envisioning Mount Pleasant: We’re almost there!

Mark your calendars. On April 14, Rize is hosting a City-managed open house at St. Patrick’s Church on Main Street to provide more detailed information about our proposed project for Kingsway and Broadway. Join us for an opportunity to share your thoughts on our revised development permit application and provide your input on the character […]

Rize Q&A: What is it like to be a woman in the construction industry?

Many women are now choosing careers in non-traditional fields, like construction. Thanks to organizations like the Canadian Construction Women, women are realizing that construction is about more than just hammers and hard hats, and are discovering the opportunities that exist for them in the industry. Rize Alliance’s Development Manager, Myra Shunny, is a member of […]

The Rolston steals our hearts on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, it’s only fitting that we share with you a video and photos of our latest crush: The Rolston. We’ve written about her stunning exterior many times before, but now we’d like to show you how she’s just as beautiful on the inside. (Take a peek at this video to see what we mean).
It was love at first sight for many passersby who caught a glimpse of The Rolston’s eye-catching geometric design. Located on the foot of the Granville Street Bridge, 160 of the Rolston’s 187 homes are now occupied. For those lucky 160 homeowners, they managed to turn their love affair into a long-term commitment and have moved into their newly completed homes over the past couple of months. Now the building’s two display homes are open to the public for those still looking to woo her.

Rize Picks: Our favourite iconic buildings around the world

Christmas may still be a few days away, but Rize Alliance got an early present this year. The Rolston is finally complete! Many of our homeowners moved in earlier this month, just in time to settle in and put up their holiday decorations.

It turns out The Rolston’s presence in Vancouver’s Midtown neighbourhood hasn’t gone unnoticed. Last month, local newspaper 24 Hours interviewed our sales manager, Sean Stevens, about The Rolston’s distinctive geometric design. Our team has always loved the eye-catching design, but it turns out we weren’t alone. Pedestrians walking past have been stopping and pulling out their phones to snap pictures the tower’s unique architectural style.

As Rize Alliance prepares to hand off the keys to The Rolston, we hope that our pride and joy will one day be considered an iconic building in the downtown Vancouver skyline. In the meantime, our team members are reflecting on some of the iconic buildings around the world that have shaped our love of architecture and design.