The placement of the foundation structure of our homes and major buildings has been celebrated by builders in many ways and in many cultures for thousands of years. Often this has involved placing a symbol of good luck at the base of the structure encouraging good fortune  for the building and its residents.

For Gold House, our symbol of good fortune is, naturally, a golden foundation!


With the help of our construction, excavation and concrete teams, the very first Gold House foundation was painted gold and then had real gold applied to the surface.  To mark this symbol, the Gold House team gathered around the edge of the massive five storey deep excavation to witness the painting and gold leaf application.

To further the sentiment of good luck, and to have some fun,  the team set off a cloudburst of gold confetti above and into the site while each of us made a good luck wish.
A little corny, but definitely fun!

The gold foundation is now buried deep beneath the surface, likely never again to be seen by human eyes.  This symbol of good luck and good fortune, along with the well wishes of all of us involved in the design and construction of Gold House,  will support this structure and those who live within, for a very, very, very long time.

With this, we wish good fortune to all, and especially to our Gold House future homeowners who have made the Gold House construction possible!