Our Development Principles

Development Principles

Realizing any of our Development Principles in isolation is a challenge in itself, but bringing them together in a balanced whole is an “art” and it is what makes our projects worthy of the Rize brand.

Inspiring Design
Our projects must have a uniqueness and quality of design that makes an emotional connection with those who choose to live or work there. In some cases, they are loud and bold, while others are quiet and humble. They react to their site, its history and the local community and no two of our developments are ever the same.

Functional Responsibility
To us, functional development is concerned with live-ability, build-ability, and a well managed investment. We will not tolerate design frivolity that ignores how people want to live, well proven construction techniques, or the local economy. We must be able to realize our own creativity.

Community Relevance
From acquisition to post-occupancy, we recognize the needs of the current and future, local community. If our developments are not accessible, then they do not make impact and our work becomes irrelevant. Only when our local citizens understand what we do and why, will they find value in our work.


RizeLab is our think tank, making innovation an actionable goal.


RizeCare is our relationship with our owners and tenants.


RizeFoundation is our commitment to our community.