Over 25 Years of
Community Building.

Fiercely guarding against commodification

Rize is a boutique real estate developer focused on large scale, design forward, commercial and residential communities. With over 25 years of experience, we create unique, meaningful and inspiring places to live, work and learn throughout Metro Vancouver.

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By running a separate research & development initiative in parallel with the traditional development stream, we are able to find opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked to change the way our communities are created in the future.

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At Rize, we realize that our development process does not end with owners and tenants moving into our properties. In fact, its just the beginning. For that reason, we created RizeCare, an initiative focused on the needs of those living and working in Rize properties.

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Our holistic approach to development includes commercial and residential communities across Metro Vancouver. Through all our work, our mission is to confidently pursue new ideas for creating better communities, while always keeping our developments beautiful, functional and accessible.

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Our team is a well considered collection of experts who share a unified vision to push  boundaries in order to have a significant positive impact with each and every project.

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