Can you see the landscape architecture for the trees?

Landscape architecture, at its best, is much more than the arrangement of greenery, furniture and lawn. Like building architecture, it requires deep knowledge of site history and characteristics balanced with future intentions. As a reflection of our high aspirations in this regard, @MtPleasant2016 is proud to have engaged PWL Landscape architects, designers of public spaces at Vancouver Olympic Village, Vancouver Convention Centre, Coal Harbour, Hillcrest Recreation Centre among many award-winning projects.

Addressing @MtPleasant2016 site, which like much of Vancouver, is a former old-growth forest it is particularly important to be sensitive to both past and present contexts. This piece of land is as rich in nature as it is in culture – a challenge for PWL to respect and reflect – creating spaces which are to be experienced in the future without losing sight of the past.

Through “Brewery Creek”, a historic ravine 12 metres deep on the site, ran the first piped water supply to Vancouver. The site was also home to legendary punk band “DOA”, “The Cellar” jazz club and operators of the city’s streetcars. A central and random history to which @MtPleasant2016‘s landscape design pays homage while encouraging future “natural culture”.

Taking inspiration from both the original virgin forest and eclectic recent history, PWL has managed to blend the two while ensuring public and private realm at street level is treated as one. Materials such as Cor-Ten steel, brick, exposed concrete, recycled timber, chain link “tattoo screen”, orange artificial-turf and over-stuffed play pillows blend with existing street trees and planted boulevards to complimentary effect.

Referencing the forest that once stood tall on the site, Douglas Fir, Cedar and other evergreen roof top forest reaches over 200 feet in height providing a dramatic, unique impression on the skyline and a history lesson as well.

We are excited to share with the neighbourhood the latest version of landscape on this proud and historic site. We have every confidence in our skilled designers’ abilities to merge past with future and culture with nature in ways that will evolve and serve the community going forward.