Welcome to SoMa!

This month marks a major milestone at Rize’s OnQue – the first homeowners are officially moving in. Welcome to the SouthMain neighbourhood!

Since it always takes time to get unpacked and finish kitchen set-up, we want to share some of our favourite places to eat in Mount Pleasant and South Main (handy if you’re just visiting the neighbourhood as well).

Some top SoMa recommendations from Rize staffers:

The Foundation (Main @ 7th) – multiple recommendations for this vegetarian fixture, specifically the Persistent Pnut burger, Mingling Yams savory dip and Sesamum salad.
Habit Lounge (Main @ 10th) – try the beet salad or the tuna casserole, follow up with a tasty serving of the berry cobbler.
Rhizome Cafe (Broadway @ Kingsway) – especially for the fantastic vegan brunch, served up on weekends.
Mygoodness! (Broadway @ Main) – gluten- and wheat-free baking that’s incredibly delicious, even if you don’t have a sensitive stomach.
Vera’s Burger Shack (Main @ 13th) – Mount Pleasant’s most popular patty? Probably.
Athens Pizza & Italian Food (Main @ Broadway) – Souvlaki Wednesdays, anyone?
Lucy’s Eastside Diner (Main @ 11th) – will serve you breakfast and a milkshake at 4am, if you so desire.
Chutney Villa (Broadway @ Main) – South Indian food and a cosy, fun atmosphere.
Gene Cafe (Main @ Kingsway)- Ginger cocoa and traditional lattes are just right in this unique local coffee joint.

One of the major advantages of SoMa is the diversity of tastes in the neighbourhood, and it definitely shows in the food. No matter what your dietary preferences, you’re likely to find something you love within a three block radius. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Teresa Tso